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Meet the Owner

Shari Boyce

In 2012 Shari's life was turned upside down after unsuccessfully applying for a life policy only to be diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and was left with questions and thousands of dollars in medical debt.

This devastating news led to a lot of questions.  Where did this diagnosis come from?  Why didn't health insurance cover the cost of exams and visits? What does 'out of network' mean? What is a deductible?  The list went on.  Shari soon found out that not only did other people not have these answers but that they had the same question she did.  After gaining the knowledge and details about her condition, and health insurance, she made it her mission to inform others that "full coverage" health insurance didn't exist.


For 9 years Shari has studied the industry and is now ready to launch her own insurance agency specifically tailored to put her client's education of insurance first.  She is licensed nationwide and is currently studying to receive multiple insurance designations.  Shari has helped families and businesses gain benefits and insurance education, and most importantly, financial protection for their business, family, and future.   

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